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This experiment was started from the observation that alternative therapies are typically using vague, almost absurd description. You will find that an alternative therapy often I have put all of these observations in the 'generator'.


The 'therapy' itself is assembled in three parts. The first is a prefix (e.g. 'quantum' or 'bio'), the second is an adjective (e.g.'dynamic' or 'energetic') and a third is a noun (like 'polarities' or 'chakras'). These parts are put together to form for example "bio-dynamic chakras". This idea has been used before in the 'e-business bullshit generator' on the web.

I use pre-defined lists of sentences for the description (the sentences are not generated automatically based on a grammar). The idea is simple: there are fixed lists of sentences of following types: begin, middle, approach, duration, application. The system takes one random sentence from each list and stiches them together. In these sentences there are placeholders where we then put random words from other lists. If you take for example

@quack is used for many ailments, like @issues.
Here '@quack' is replaced by the therapy name we generated and '@issues' is replaced by a list of ailments. The result can then become
Bio-dynamic chakras are used for many ailments, like allergy, bone loss and anti-social behavior.

There are lists with typical countries, ailments, bodyparts, sciences, etc. There are also generated numbers for the age of the therapy, the duration of a session, etc. For some verbs I also make sure that the singular/plural is correct. The names of the authors were generated by this name generator. By carefully choosing the sentences and words we get a pretty readable text that is different every time.


My name is Wouter Denayer, Linguist, IT Architect and in general intruiged by how easily people are deceived. Please mail reactions to: inspiration[at]denayer[dot]com

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